Do not dabble with magic!

Dear lovers of truth, focus on studying the holy Bible wholeheartedly and your interest in this most wonderful book will increase.
Listen to the very beautiful singing and witness of Joni Eareckson Tada.
Remember, only when we esteem Our Creator as the most treasured Teacher of all have we understood what’s so very important.

Women, don’t dabble with magic and astrology. Don’t mistakenly attempt to search for understanding by studying magic or astrology, for both practises are forbidden by the Lord.
He forbids these practises to protect you, so desire to put a stop to any contact you have with magic or astrology!
Searchers for the beauty of the Creator, be very encouraged for He is gracious and good with loving motives.

Welcome Him to teach you, for He understands you completely and thank Him as often as you can for helping, guarding and guiding you.

You can decide to commit yourself wholeheartedly, as Anne writes, to
someone glorious and great who can replace your fears with peace, satisfy your hungry soul, fill your empty heart, and give your life eternal significance.

If you are serious about honouring Your Creator, then you should study the Holy Bible daily, diligently and earnestly.
Life is very challenging but be encouraged for there is a solution to most problems!
Has it been a very long time that you have turned your thoughts from the Lord?

The good news is that the LORD is gracious and you can decide, with His help, to turn your thoughts to Him.

Wonderfully He can teach us that He is the source of our strength. Truly we honour Him by relying on His strength.

Seek the presence of Your pure Creator and He will embolden and encourage you, so that you know you have made the right decision to daily honour His great, glorious and gracious name.

What a comfort to the Lord’s children, for when they find themselves in trouble the Lord Almighty is Their gracious Helper.


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